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Hey friends!! If you have been following me on Instagram  for a while you may remember I worked with a brand called Nayll, where you could create your own polishes. They have completely re branded and revamped everything and it is back with a new name, Penny Bloom. You can still create your own polishes but Sara has created some beautiful polishes that you can purchase as well. They are sold in three categories on the site: Shimmer, Glitter and Cream. I was so excited to get an email from her a couple of weeks ago wanting to work together again. I got to pick out (or create) any 5 polishes I wanted. So that I could give you guys a comprehensive review and test a little of everything, I decided to create 2 unique polishes and pick out 1 pre-made polish from each category. 

First we will look at the ones that Sara created and then I will show you how you can create your own polishes!

Golden Tan: The site has this classified as a shimmer polish, I would call it more of a chrome finish. It is a golden chrome finish polish and I did two coats. These polishes always tend to look streaky to me. This one leveled out pretty well. I will say it looks much more copper on the site and gold in real life.

Cuprite: A dark pink glitter with holo shimmer. I really loved this one. I love a good glitter nail and this one built up so well. You can use it on it's own or over another polish as a topper. I did three coats. 

Dogwood: A gorgeous mauve cream with a subtle holo shimmer. This one was my favorite! The formula was great and it dried really quickly. The color is gorgeous!

Now for the two polishes I created with muh brain. Penny Bloom makes creating something unique so easy! There are four categories you can choose from when creating your own polish: Glitter bar, Baby Shower, Wedding and Sports team.  These all have specific bases and glitters to build polishes that fit the category. EX: For baby shower there is a lot of blue and pink to choose from. With the Glitter Bar category you start with the glitter that you love and build around that. There are so many to choose from! So many different shapes and colors. With the other categories you first pick your base and then add the glitters that you want. If you don't want to chose one of these specific categories you can just start with a base color and build you polish from there. Once you have built your perfect polish you get to name it! 

I absolutely love black polish with silver glitter, so for my first polish (Abyss) I chose a black base and added different shapes and sizes of silver holographic glitters. 
I did think that the base would be a bit thicker, more like a cream, but it was thinner like a glitter topper. But I love how it turned out! 

For my second polish I decided to work out of the Sports Team category. It's so cool! You choose your favorite team and Sara already has glitters picked out in the team colors. I am a die hard Alabama fan so I selected the team and added various red and white glitters to a clear base. And of course I named it "Roll Tide". I used it over a grey China Glaze (that the name came off of so I'm not sure what it's called). 

Penny Bloom is such a fun site. It was a super easy process and I loved getting my creations in the mail. The polishes retail for $10 and the create your own polishes are $15. What do you guys think? Comment below if you create your own! 

To see videos of the glitters head over to my Instagram

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