Walgreens Haul

I can't resist a polish sale. And this week all Sinful Colors are half off at Walgreens making them .99! I mentioned in my last post that I don't have a large Sinful Colors collection but, I can't say that anymore after this sale :-D I also found the two that I was missing from the Sugar Rush collection. 

Sweet Nothing: The blue I was missing from Sugar Rush. There are no words. It is completely AMAZING. This is almost a 1 coater but I did 2 thin coats. It's a super creamy medium blue.

Cotton Candy: This is the pink I was missing. It is a semi-sheer baby pink with a light shimmer. It went on much better than the other sheer polishes from this brand and it wasn't hard to get it to be opaque. This is 3 coats.

Exotic Green: Green in my favorite color, but I don't have very many green polishes. This one is part of the St. Patricks Day collection and I love it! This is 2 coats. It went on really well and dries super quick. 

Irish Green: This one is also from the St. Patty's Day collection. It is a thin neon jelly. And it is SUPER neon! My camera flipped out trying to capture it so the picture is not exactly color accurate, but really close. It's just a tad more neon in real life :) It took me 3 coats to look like this and I could have done 1 more.

Green Ocean: The last from the St. Patty's collection. It's a green flaky top coat in a light green jelly base. I have the hardest time capturing flakies! It goes on really well and is packed with glitter. This is 1 coat over Irish Green. 

Innocent: This color doesn't exactly scream innocence like the name would suggest but it quickly became one of my favorites! It is a super creamy lime green and is almost a 1 coater. I am completely in love! This is 2 thin coats. 

Beau Khaki: A creamy army grey/green. This one went on amazingly as well. This is only 1 coat! I don't own a green like this one. It's very unique. 

Enchanted: LOVE!! Enchanted is a creamy eggplant color. It went on like a dream and you could definitely use one coat. I love dark polishes, I just can't get enough!

Mesmerized: This one is similar to Enchanted. In the store I had a hard time telling them apart but this one is navy. This formula with this one was also amazing. This is 2 coats. 

Why Not: Another creamy medium blue. This one is just slightly darker than sweet nothing. This is only 1 coat, the formula is great!

Boogie Nights: This one is ok. Its a super sheer orange/coral jelly. It took 4 coats to make it opaque and I probably could have used another one. Out of all of them I could definitely leave this one. 

Overall I am very impressed with Sinful Colors. When I see super cheap polishes I usually assume that the quality must be terrible, but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of these. The jellies aren't my favorite but I would recommend all the creamy ones I have tried.

What are your favorite sinful colors?  I will definitely be trying more in the future! 
Hope you enjoyed these swatches :)


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