Hard Candy

Today I have three polishes from the new Hard Candy collection. The new collections are Crushed Chrome, Itzy Glitzy, Chrystal Confetti and Candy Sprinkles. You can see pictures of all of them at Hard Candy.com I haven't tried a lot of them but just looking at them in the store I wasn't super excited about the crushed chrome or itzy glitzy collections. I want to get the candy sprinkles collection after seeing swatches by Carol at Colores De Carol. You can see them on her blog at www.coloresdecarol.com 

Ok so now for the three I got. I chose three from the crystal confetti collection.

Black Tie Optional: I am a huge fan of black and white glitters and this one was great! Usually you only find glitters like this in indie polishes but I'm so glad that mainstream polish brands are creating more polishes like this one. The application was great. It had the perfect amount of glitter and the glitters weren't clumpy. It went on really smooth and laid flat on the nail. This is one coat over China Glaze-Def Defying. Love this one! A must have IMO.

Here is a macro bottle shot.  

Celebrate Sequins: Another win! This one is full of medium hex holo glitter, square silver holo glitter and silver micro-holo glitter. The coverage is perfect with just one coat and the glitters lay flat on the nail. I love any polish with holo glitters and this one was amazing! I wore it over 2 coats of Sinful colors-Candy Coated. It reminds me of  fairy or princess or something super girly. I would also highly recommend this one.

Soooo sparkly!!

Party Central: This one was not my favorite. The glitters got clumpy on my nail and I had to move them around a lot to make it look decent. I like the colors though. This one has a mix of blue, fuchsia, gold, orange, green and white hex glitters. I used it over opi-skull and glossbones. 

I am hoping to go back soon and get the Candy Sprinkles collection to show you. Have you guys tried any of the new collection? Any favorites? Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! 


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