China Glaze-Holiday 2016 Seas and Greetings

Hey all! Big thanks to China Glaze for sending over the new Holiday 2016 collection "Seas and Greetings"! So excited to share them with you guys. 

This year China Glaze is taking a tropical escape from the traditional holiday palette with their Seas and Greetings collection.  Winter gets warmed up with 12 new shades including faded ocean blues and weathered seashell pinks with some sparkling glitters and shimmers in there to add a classic holiday touch. 

While it is nice to have a collection that isn't just the classic reds, greens and golds, I do have mixed feelings about having a Holiday collection with basically zero traditional Holiday colors. When I look at purchasing a collection for this time of year I would like some colors that would match my outfits for the Holiday parties we go to. That being said, I did really like these colors. They are all beautiful as always, I just can't see myself wearing them a ton this time of year. 

Partridge in a Palm Tree- An aqua green that dries matte. I saw that a lot of people had formula issues with this one but I did not. I thought it went on very smooth and dried very quickly. I did two coats. The bottom photo is with top coat. Adding the top coat brings out all the shimmer in the polish!

The More the Berrier- A gorgeous shimmery berry color. Good formula on this as well. I did three thin coats. This is one of the more Holiday colors in the collection. I really like this one a lot.

Sand in my Mistletoes- A light pink/nude cream. I did have a slight formula issue with this one. It is a bit thick and hard to work with. Pretty color though. This is two thick coats.

Seas and Greetings- A gorgeous purple with a stunning pink shimmer. I really love this one! I did three thin coats. 

Snow Way- A beautiful pearly, shimmery, iridescent white. Ya'll. This one is amaze!! I love this so much for the Holidays. It is seriously gorgeous. I did three thin, easy coats. 

Tis the Sea-Sun- A coral/orange cream. This one is fine. That's about all I have to say. Weird for the Holidays and a pretty forgettable color. But good formula at least. This is two coats. 

Warm Wishes- A more pink, coral with a slight shimmer. This one is so similar to Tis the Sea-Sun I'm not sure why they are both in the collection. I do like this color a lot but again, weird for this time of year. This is three thin coats. 

Good Tide-ings- A gorgeous light purple cream. This one was almost a one coater. It has such a great formula and great coverage. Love it. 

Twinkle, Twinkle little Starfish-A sheer glitter top coat with green and gold glitters. It can easily be built up where you could wear it on your own. This is three coats by itself. 

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Starfish over Good Tide-ings.
I love this combo so much! 

Joy to the Waves- A medium blue with a gorgeous shimmer. This one is great but I'm just not crazy about polishes with this finish. They definitely aren't my jam. I did three thin coats. 

Eat, Pink, Be Merry- A light pink with a firey shimmer. So so pretty. The formula is pretty thin so you will definitely have to do three coats. 

Let's Shell-ebrate- A chunky glitter topper with pink, purple and gold glitters. It is definitely build-able if you want to wear it on its own. I would recommend using a sponge if you want to wear just the glitter. 

Let's Shell-ebrate over Sand in My Mistletoes- I definitely like this one better as a topper. Love this combo! 

And there you have it. While I get the idea behind the collection and I get not doing a collection with only expected holiday colors, I just wish it was slightly more "Holiday".  It is a really pretty collection though! And the quality is great as always. 

This collection is available now and can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply and 

Which colors are your favorites from this collection? Mine are Snow way and Eat, Pink, Be Merry. 

Hope you guys are enjoying the Holiday season so far! 

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