China Glaze: Rebel

I don't feel like it could possibly be time for Fall yet. But the polish says it is! I absolutely love Fall collections. They are so full of rich, jewel tones and vampy colors, it gives me such life. China Glaze was kind enough to send me the Fall 2016 collection "Rebel" to review. They describe it as being inspired by the 1990s but with a modern twist. The feminine pinks and pearls paired with deep purples, blues and grays capture the spirit of the decade that brought us grunge, baby doll dresses paired with Doc Martens, Kate Moss, and the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. 


Yes. Yes to all of it. YESSS!! I am such a 90's kid and when I got the email I squealed. I literally ran to the mailbox everyday like a little kid waiting on a letter from Santa. I seriously couldn't wait to try them. Let's get started....

Y'all Red-Y for this?: A bright, fiery red with a gorgeous metallic shimmer. 
I don't wear reds a lot, I don't think they compliment my skin tone, but I LOVE this one. It is so gorgeous. Great formula, very smooth and dried quickly. 

Purple Fiction: A gorgeous deep purple with a subtle shimmer. Yes. Yes. Yes. This is one of my favorites for sure. It had a great formula as well.

Teen Spirit: This is a super deep, flaky, shimmery midnight purple/blue. So many things happening in this polish, and it's all great. Also, this is a 1 coater! It coats insanely well. I will be wearing this one a ton I can already tell. 

Fresh Princess: A creamy baby pink. This was the only one I had a slight issue with. It dried down a tad streaky. Make sure you let it dry COMPLETELY before you apply a second coat. I love the color though!

Dope Taupe:  I love the name of this one. It is a creamy taupe. Love it. 

Heroine Chic: A shimmery charcoal base with red flecks. This one is not my favorite. It's a great polish I just can't see myself wearing it a lot. It did have a good formula though. 

Pearl Jammin: A gorgeous baby blue with an iridescent sheen. When I pulled this one out of the box I didn't really give it a second look, I don't typically like blues this light, but this one is amazing. I absolutely love it! The formula was incredible. 

Jagged Little Teal: A stunning creamy teal. Great color, great formula. Love it. 

Don't Mesh With Me: A pale, iridescent shade with teeny micro glitters. I swatched it on it's own and over Jagged Little Teal. It's definitely better over another color. I really love it!

Combat Blue-TS: FAVORITE!! This polish has my heart. It is a gorgeous royal blue that dries matte. 

Then when you add a top coat...OMG

Really love it!

Holo At Your Girl: A iridescent metallic polish with gold and green glitters. I swatched it by itself and over Combat Blue-TS. It's great. It coats very well. 

Blue-Ya:  Another amazing blue polish. This one is a gorgeous blue jelly with a blue/green shimmer. It coats well in 2 coats. 

This collection rocks my world. The formulas are great and the colors are seriously amazing. I love that you can wear the two glitter polishes over any of the other ones to create a whole new look. My favorites are definitely Combat Blue-TS, Purple Fiction and Dope Taupe. Which ones are you guys loving?

ChinaGlaze Rebel is already available with select shades at Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply stores, and the complete collection will be available online at, MSRP $7.50. Go get you some! 

Thanks for stopping by :)
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