Delush Polish

Hey you guys! Happy Sunday! Hope everyone has had a good weekend. It went by sooo fast. Back to the grind tomorrow. Tonight I have a freaking AMAZING polish collection to share with you. It is the Scream Supreme collection by Delush Polish based on American Horror Story. You guys have seen Delush on the blog a few times before and the polishes are always amazing! (These were sent to me to review) Hope you guys love these as much as I do and make sure to go get some in time for Halloween! 

Bitch Craft: A captivating black jelly with flashes of bewitching pink glitters, accented by large holographic dots. This one is seriously amazing. So sparkly and gorgeous! I did two coats with top coat. 

Murder House: A haunting black jelly blended with white and holo red glitters proven to keep you coming back for more. Holy cow. I love this. LOVE IT! Not that it's important but it happens to be my hubby's favorite lol. This would be perfect for football season!! Go Falcons! Anyways....I did three coats with top coat. 

Rubberman: Inspired by the mysterious and elusive Rubberman’s body suit, this black jelly is accented with a blend of holo glitters that is sure to lure you in. This one was so hard to photograph. It's seriously gorgeous! When the light hits it you see all the beautiful glitters. I did three coats with top coat. 

Misty Day: A swampy green jelly with a spellbinding blend of multi colored dots and glitters that will keep you guessing if you‘re the next Supreme. This one is super cool and really unique. I love the color combination in this. I did three coats with top coat. 

The Supreme: A deep red jelly adorned with holo red and iridescent glitters that give the wearer all the powers that she‘ll need to be the next Supereme! I am obsessed with this one! It has such depth. I will be wearing this constantly. I did three coats with top coat. 

A Night in the Asylum: A captivating turquoise jelly, accented with a blend of holographic glitters and large holographic dots that are sure to make a scream! Oh man. I cannot say enough about this one. It is sooooo gorgeous! The teal with the black jelly is amazing. I did three coats with top coat. 

Freak Show Spectacle: A deep plum jelly accented with circus inspired microfine glitters, just dazzling enough to get your freak on. This one is my favorite! So much glitter. It's amazing!! I did three coats with top coat. 

This is a gorgeous Halloween collection! I would wear these year round for sure. You can purchase these in the Delush shop at Make sure to follow on Instagram @delushpolish. Which on is your favorite? I seriously love them all! Hope you guys liked these as much as I do. 

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