Polish TBH Part 1

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, we have been moving and I haven't been able to do ANYTHING with my nails. But I'm almost all settled and the first thing I unpacked was my polish of course! Then my computer crashed! As I type this I'm praying that my computer doesn't shut off! This is also my first post using my new light box that I made. I really think it made a difference don't you? Anyways, enough about me....let's get to the polish!

Today I have set 1 of some amazing polishes by Christian at Polish TBH (I bought so many that I have to divide it into 2 posts). These were my first polishes from this brand and I will definitely be a repeat customer. I don't have anything negative to say about these polishes. The formula was amazing on all of them and the dry time was insanely fast! The glitter came out smoothly and laid flat on the nail. 

How I Troll: A hot pink to super light pink (almost clear) thermal with fun glitters in black, white and two shades of pink. This was definitely one of my favorites! It looks gorgeous as its transitioning. I did three coats with nothing underneath.
Its a really pretty hot pink when its cold

Island Fantasy: A teal to bright yellow green thermal polish with a turquoise and gold glitter mix. I am loving this for summer! The color it turns when its warm is insanely gorgeous. A must have IMO. I did three thin coats with no top coat. 


Midnight: A dark grape colored jelly with blue holo and aqua and silver glitters. I really love this one! This is two coats with no top coat. 

Fantasy: A fuchsia jelly with blue and turquoise glitters. I am in love with this! Jellies are my favorite and this one is amazing! So bright and pretty :)

Hard Candy: Black, gold, and rose pink glitters in a clear or white base. I bought the clear base so that's what is in the photos. I swatched it over sinful colors-sugar rush. 

Hope you enjoyed these! I'm hoping to have part 2 up tomorrow or thurs. I am truley loving this brand of polish. If you haven't purchases from POLISH TBH yet then you definitely should. 


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