Electric Nights

Hey Ya'll! I had the amazing privilege of receiving the China Glaze Summer 2015 collection, "Electric Nights". Let me tell you...it's amazing! I'm obsessed with neons and these are all so perfect for Summer time! The formulas were a tad runny but definitely workable. Hope you guys love them! I know you will :) 

Violet VibesAn ultra-violet purple crème. This one is so gorgeous! I always love the purples that China Glaze puts out. I did three coats but didn't top coat because I loved the way it dried sort of waxy. The formula was smooth and easy to apply and dried really fast. 

Plur-Ple: Vibrant blue-purple crème. This one is amazing as well. More blue than Violet Vibes. This was a tad thinner as well but still went on easily. I did three coats with top coat. I love how vibrant it is. 

Glow With the Flow: A super bright baby pink creme! What is a summer collection without an amazing pink?? This one is awesome. SO BRIGHT! The formula on this was great. Really smooth and creamy. I did two coats with top coat. 

Red-y to Rave: A insane neon red creme! This is definitely one of my favorites in the collection. It is super neon and very smooth. I did three coats with top coat for this one. It made my fingers look wayyy more than then they actually are lol.

Home Sweet House Music: A neon orange creme. SO BRIGHT! This one is so perfect for summer time. The formula was very creamy and smooth. I did three coats with top coat. 

Daisy Know my Name?: A neon highlighter yellow creme. This one I had a formula problem with. It was very thin and watery. I had to do 5 coats to get it to not be patchy. I have heard others say that it worked well for them and maybe I should have done a white undie. I love the color but wish the formula had been as smooth as the others. 

DJ Blue My Mind:  A vivid bright blue creme. The blues in this collection are awesome! The formula was great.  I did three coats with top coat. 

UV Meant to Be: A gorgeous baby blue creme. Love this one! If I had to pick one blue it would be this one. I did three coats with top coat. This one had a perfect creme formula. 

Treble Maker: Pitch Perfect anyone? lol That's the first thing I thought of. This one is my favorite from the collection. A super bright green creme. I did three coats with top coat. 

Point me to the Party: Neon, matte, multi-colored glitter topper. This one is awesome! It's definitely been done in the indie world but it's so cool to see mainstream polishes making glitter toppers like this. The glitters came out well and covered great. I did one coat over UV Meant To Be. 

Let the Beat Drop: Hot orange and pink matte multi-sized glitter. Another super cool glitter topper. I did two coats over Treble Maker. 

Can I Get A Untz UntzCool neon blue and green matte multi-size glitter. This one is awesome as well! I did two coats over Daisy Know My Name?. Love it!

Overall this collection is awesome! Awesome, vibrant colors and great, creamy formulas. I would highly recommend getting this collection if you are looking for good neons for summer time. 

Which one is your favorite?? Leave a comment letting me know! 

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