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Hello! I'm not dead! But I am......PREGNANT!!! Sorry for the lack of blogging but look how cute!

I'm 15 weeks now and feeling much better! Time to get back to it :) Thanks for sticking with me in my absence. I'm hoping to have some new nail art for you guys so so soon but we are in the process of moving and all my stuff is packed up. So for today I have some new products to share with you that I received from +Influenster .
For this box I got to try products from the new +Schwarzkopf US Ultime hair care collection.
In the box I got a dry shampoo, a strong hold hair spray and a volumizing powder. All of them have added biotin to strengthen your hair and add volume and texture. My hair is very flat and lifeless so I was really excited to try these out. Overall I am super impressed with them! They all work amazingly well and do what they claim to do. Plus they small incredible!! They have a vanilla, clean smell that is so amazing. 
I used up the dry shampoo in like two weeks. Why do I feel like there is never enough in a dry shampoo bottle? Maybe I just have insanely greasy hair. The dry shampoo was great! I sprayed it on my roots, let it sit for about 5 min and then brushed it out. I soaks up the grease so well, left my hair smelling clean and added a ton of volume. Plus, unlike other dry shampoos I have used in the past it didn't leave a gross residue in my hair. I could still run my fingers through it and it felt great.
Hair spray I don't use that often because my hair will not hold a curl or anything like it. But, I did curl my hair to test it out. What I liked most about this hair spray was that it didn't leave my hair feeling heavy or crunchy. It was still touchable but gave a strong hold. I would say it held curl in my hair longer than most hair sprays that I have tried. Plus, again, it smells great!
The volumizing powder is probably my favorite. I use it two ways. If I want some added volume to my roots I sprinkle a little bit on and then tousle it through my hair with my fingers. I also you it for teasing. I take each section I want to tease, sprinkle some on, comb through and then tease like normal. It holds your tease in place all day!! Like it's completely amazing how high you can get your hair with this stuff.
Here is an example of what my hair looks like after using these products (excuse the lack of makeup it was very late):
The top picture is my third day hair, that's right THIRD day, don't judge, with only dry shampoo added. The bottom is after I added volumizing powder and tousled my hair. I also used the hair spray to tame those flyway's. The volume it added is amazing! Plus the next morning my hair still looked great!
The great things about these products are, they are as good as high end hair care but for a fraction of the price! These are available at your local WalMart or you can order them on +Walmart.COM 
What do you guys think?? Have you tried any of the Ultime products? I would highly recommend these if you are looking to add body and volume to your hair.
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*These products were provided to me by Influenster but all opions are my own and not influenced by receiving these products for free*
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