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Hey Ya'll! Today I have the new Fall 2015 China Glaze collection for you. China Glaze was kind enough to send me these polishes to review and I can't wait to share them with you :)  We just moved two weeks ago and I have like zero good lighting and my light box got all messed up so I'll be honest these are not my best photos but I do feel that they are all very color accurate. Let's get started shall we...
The colors in this collection are all nature inspired and so so gorgeous!
S'More Fun: A bright yellow/lime green. The application on this one was very smooth and not patchy. I did two coats with top coat. I love how bright and fun this one is!
Gone Glamping: A gold to green metallic/chrome. These are usually streaky and not my favorite but I was pleasantly surprised with this one. The formula was smooth and it really evened out when I was putting it on. I did three thin coats with top coat. I know everyone loves duochrome polishes, but they are just not my favorite.
Take A Hike: A deep hunter green. This gorgeous cream reminds me of evergreen trees. It is amazing. Went on like butter and I only needed two thin coats. One of my favorites from the collection.
Let's Dew it: a clear base packed with silver, lavender and grey-blue shimmer and glitter. The base is almost iridescent and packed with gorgeous glitters. You can put it on over another color or build it up for an all glitter look. I did four thin coats with top coat.
Sleeping Under the Stars: A gorgeous dark navy with pink-red shimmers in it. This one might be my favorite from the collection. I was terrified that this one was going to stain but it didn't at all. Love it!! The shimmer is so gorgeous.
Pondering: This color is hard to explain lol. Another duochrome but this one is a purple/blue to grey/green shift. I actually really enjoyed this one. I did three thin coats with top coat.
Check out the Silver Fox: A light grey foil polish. This one went on crazy good. Like could be one coat. I did two with top coat.
Change Your Altitude: A light grey crème polish. This one is one of my favorites for sure. Can't have too many greys right? I did two coats with top coat.
Wood You Wanna?: A shimmery silver-brown foil. I really like this one as well. I did two coats with top coat for this one.
My Lodge or Yours?: A dusty mauve crème: LOVE THIS ONE! The color is gorgeous. I did two coats with top coat.
Cabin Fever: If I had to pick a least favorite from the collection, this one would be it. It is a coppery, orange to pink duochrome. I did three coats with top coat.

Free Bear Hugs: A deep maroon crème. I used two coats with top coat. What makes me so sad about this polish is how badly it stained my cuticles :( I was really excited about it but my cuticles are still red today. But I do love the color!
Overall this collection is amazing. Some really unique colors and the formulas were great all around. Minus the one staining polish I didn't have trouble with any of them. These polishes are available at Sally's Beauty. Which ones will you be purchasing?
*these were sent to me free to review but all opinions are my own*
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