Colores De Carol

Today I have some Colores De Carol polishes to share with you. You can see her whole collection at Right now she is offering free shipping when you buy three full sized  polishes but, make sure that you click this icon when purchasing instead of adding three polishes to your cart:
Image of Pick any 3 Full Size
Also check her out on Instagram @coloresdecarol and her blog at She has some GORGEOUS swatches and art. 

It was so hard for me to decide on three polishes I knew I wanted April Fools and Hero in Disguise but then I couldn't decide between Inner Princess and Cupcake Fantasy, so I told her to pick for me :) She sent me a full sized Inner Princess and also a mini of Cupcake Fantasy. Isn't that so sweet?! Thanks Carol!

Now, on to the polishes. I took most of the descriptions from

April Fools: a gorgeous white jelly with square glitters in different sizes and shapes and a micro holo shimmer. This one is PACKED with glitter and coats nicely and I loooove the holo shimmer in this. I did 1 coat over opi-alpine snow. It's like a party on your nails!

 P.S. The bubbles are from my Seche Vite. I don't know why it's doing that!

Hero In Disguise: A light gray jelly base with a subtle shimmer, small yellow glitter, hot pink glitter and small black stars. This is one of my favorites! So fun! It definitely reminds me of a super hero. The formula on this one is great as well and the glitter coats well too. I did three super thin coats with no undies.

Inner Princess: White base with navy blue flakes, mix of multicolored glitter and aqua stars shape glitter. I loved this one! It's so light and girly. Perfect for spring IMO. The formula on this one was great too and its loaded with glitter! This was my favorite of the bunch :) This is 3 thin coats with no undies.

Cupcake Fantasy: I have to say this one was my favorite right after inner princess. It is a light lavender jelly with glitter of different sizes and shapes. It's so squishy! I love it! 

Hope you guys enjoyed these! If you haven't made a Colores De Carol purchase yet you definitely should. She ships quickly and the prices are low. Her new garden themed collection is so gorgeous!


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