Black Cat Laquer

Today I have three polishes from Black Cat Lacquer: Sanitation Twins, We Can Pickle That and The Dream Of The 90's Is Still Alive. These are my first purchases from Black Cat Lacquer and I am super impressed! They are all completely amazing!!
Here is some info about Black Cat Lacquer:

  • All of their polishes are 3 free and cruelty free.
  • They only accept PayPal.
  • They do ship internationally

Sanitation Twins: a glitter topper full of glitter in different sizes, shapes and colors with a holo shimmer. The idea for the polish came from a recycling bin and all the various colors that are in there. The formula is great and even though it is a total glitter bomb, it's not gloopy (not sure if that is a word) or clumpy. The glitter distribution is perfect and all you need is one coat. Once I tried it I couldn't stop so I'll be showing you Sanitation Twins over three different colors. Photo spam coming right up!

One Coat over Butter London-Fiver

One Coat over Butter London-Jasper

One Coat over Butter London-Trout Pout

It looks amazing over EVERYTHING! This one is a must have IMO

The Dream of the 90's is Alive: This one is a sheer grey base with black, blue, red, yellow, green, orange, white and teal glitters (I think that covered them all) with a fine holo shimmer. The formula on this one was excellent as well. I absolutely LOVE it! I tried it on its own and over opi-care to danse?  

This is 2 coats with no undies

 And whats this?? A macro of course. 

And this is 1 coat over 2 coats of opi-care to danse?
 So Squishy!

We Can Pickle That: A mint/light blue base with black, coral, teal and white glitters. I love this one! The color is gorgeous! The formula was, again, perfect. I also tried this one on its own and over Butter London-fiver. It looks great either way!
2 coats with no undies

 This is 1 coat over Butter London-fiver

What I love about the polishes is that you can still see the glitter through the base. Some base colors are so heavy it covers all the glitter, but not these. I can definitely see more black cat lacquer purchases in my future! Check out the other polishes in their Etsy shop

Hope you enjoyed these!

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