Hello all!! Today I have something I little bit different for you. I just want to take a min to tell you guys about this super cool website I have been really loving. I few posts ago I shared the new Keurig 2.0 with ya'll that I received from Influenster but I just wanted to give you a little more information about the site in general and all the awesome opportunities that are available to everyone!

Influenster is an amazing site where people who love to use social media are rewarded for sharing news, products and reviews. You can link up all of the social media outlets that you use (twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.) and Influenster will measure your social media influence and send you free stuff to try right to your mailbox! To increase your chances of getting rewards you can write reviews on the products you use all the time! When you write reviews you can unlock badges like Beauty, Sweet Tooth, Fashion, Gaming...there are so many badges they fit any interest you might have! And it's all absolutely free! I have been using Influenster for a few months now and have already gotten so super cool stuff like free razors, shampoo, cheese slices and my super amazing Keurig 2.0!

The +Influenster Hub is a super cool newer feature where bloggers can blog about Influenster and their products. It's a super cool way to find out about products that other bloggers are loving. I could seriously be on there all day. Also to make keeping up with your influenster even easier than it already was, they have a cool new App in the appstore! I can write a few reviews on my lunch break straight from my Influenster App. You have access to thousands of reviews, from people all over the world, on products you might consider purchasing, which is super helpful when making an educated buying decision.

If you enjoy being part of an online community and want to get free stuff this is the site for you! Come join us on +Influenster and flex your social media influence! If you are interested in joining and would like me to send you an invite shoot me an email and I'll send one your way!

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