China Glaze-The Giver Part 2

Hey guys!! TGIF! I cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow morning. I love more than normal. 

Tonight I have the second half of The Giver limited edition collection from China Glaze. If you missed it you can check out part one HERE
I have to say as much as I loved the ones I posted yesterday...these are even more amazing! Let's get to it shall we.....

Five Rules: A light greenish grey. The formula was perfection and the color is awesome! I will be wearing this one a lot this fall. It would be a great base for nail art as well. I did two coats with top coat. 

Intelligence, Integrity & Courage: A light grey creme. Love this one! I really love grey polishes and this one is fabulous. The formula again was awesome. I did two coats with top coat. 

New Birth: The lightest shade of blue (almost white) I have ever seen. At first glance this looks totally white on your nails but it is actually slightly blue. The formula is great and I think I love it. I love super light colors on my nails...I always feel like it makes them look longer for some reason. This is three coats with top coat. 

Friends Forever, Right?: This is super similar to New Birth, but it is a pink version. A super super light baby pink. Again at first glance this looks white on your nails. Good formula, nice color. This is three coats with top coat. 

Release: A medium purpley grey. This one rocks! I'm in love. Definitely one of my favorites from the whole collection. Amazing formula. This is two coats with top coat. 

Boundary of Memory: I saved the best for last. This glitter is so freaking amazing I never want to take it off. Ever! It is a full coverage glitter with gold, copper and brown. The formula is incredible. It is opaque in 3 coats, not clumpy and the coverage is great. The perfect fall glitter. I'm going to have to buy an extra of this one. This is three thin coats with top coat. 

The standouts in this half for me are Boundary of Memory, Release and Five Rules. This collection as a whole is amazing. I'm so impressed with the formula and the colors. I am going to get so much use out of these colors this fall for sure. 
Which polishes are your favorite from the collection? 

Hope you all have a beyond fabulous weekend!

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