China Glaze-The Giver part 1

Good evening friends! Hope you are all having a great week. Tomorrow is Friday! Ya-hoo! 
A few weeks ago I had the honor of receiving the limited edition collection that China Glaze created based on the movie The Giver. I broke the 12 polish collection up into 2 sections (dark/bright colors and lighter colors). Today I have the first six polishes to share with you. 

I am seriously obsessed with everything about this collection. The colors are so amazing and the formula is fab on all of the polishes. This might be my favorite collection from China Glaze in a long time. 

Givers Theme: A medium purple creme. This one might be my favorite from the collection. The formula was great and the color is gorgeous! If you are only going to get a few from the collection this one is a must have IMO. This is two coats with top coat. 

Community: A lovely brown creme. This is great for fall. I love dark brown's and dark greens for fall and this one is fab! The formula on this one was great as well. I did two coats with top coat. 

Seeing Red: A dark red creme. This one is a tad boring but a really nice red. It's not super bright red, but a little bit darker. The formula was great but it was staining when I removed it. I did two coats with top coat. 

Capacity to See Beyond: A gorgeous bright blue creme. LOVE THIS ONE! This is definitely one of my favorites as well. The formula is smooth and the color is gorgeous! I did two coats with top coat. 

History of the World: A dusty (almost navy) purple/blue. I love this one as well. The color is so great for fall. I can see myself wearing it a lot. The formula on this was a tad thinner but still good. I did two coats with top coat. 

The Outer Edge: A beautiful white glitter topper. This is such a pretty glitter topper! It is going to be great for winter time over a red or green. It reminds me of snow. The glitter coats really well. I did one coat over History of the World. 

Like I said before I adore this collection. China Glaze did so so well. I didn't have any formula issues and I love all the colors so much. The standouts from this half for me are Capacity to See Beyond, Givers Theme and History of the World. 

This collection is available now. I just saw it out at Ulta today and I know you can get it at Sally's beauty supply as well. Which one is your favorite so far? I will have the other 6 up tomorrow and they are just as amazing as these so get excited! 

Hope you guys have a great Friday tomorrow! 

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