Chirality Achromats

Hey guy!! Hope you are all having a great week. It has felt like such a loooong week so far. I worked out so hard yesterday my whole body hurts. No pain no gain.

Today I have a new collection from Chirality that will be coming out September 20th! This collection consists of 4 polishes based on the medical syndrome Achromatopsia which is a syndrome where you can only see in black, white and grey. These polishes are super cool! I know you will love them :)

Blur The Technicolor: A medium grey polish with various sized white, black and grey glitters and a micro holo shimmer. This is so fabulous!! The formula was great. I did three smooth coats with top coat. 

White Noise: A gorgeous glitter topper with various sized holographic silver glitters. Love this one! I did two thin coats over OPI-Skating on thin ice from the Nordic collection. 

Eyeborg: This one is definitely my favorite. A gorgeous black crelly packed with micro holo glitter, and silver/grey glitters in various sizes. I did three thin coats with top coat. 

Nosferatu: A super cool glitter topper with micro holographic, white and black glitters. This one is super cool! It would look great over tons of different colors. 

Hope you guys like these! These will all be available in Chirality's Shop. Make sure to check out their Instagram for more swatches and updates @chiralitynailpolish
Which one is your favorite?

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