Fickle Fairy Potions

Hey guys! Today I have three beautiful polishes from a US indie brand that is new to me, Fickle Fairy Potions. Tonya was so sweet to send me these polishes to swatch and I am so excited to share these with you guys! They all had excellent formula, application and dry time.  I absolutely love all of them!

Black Magic Women: A jet black matte polish. Oh. My. Gosh. I seriously could not love this any more if I tried! I adore black nail polish and this one is freaking amazing! It has a waxy matte finish when it dries but if you are not a fan of that look (which is bizarre) it is seriously stunning with a top coat as well. Because of the finish the first coat was a tad streaky but completely evened out with an additional coat. I think I found my new favorite black polish! I did three thin coats with and without top coat. This is currently on sale for $6!! $6 you guys!!

Without top coat:

With Top Coat:

We'll Never Be Royals: A royal purple jelly polish loaded with different shapes and sizes of glitters. I got super excited when I saw the name of this polish because I absolutely love Lorde's music! And this polish did not disappoint! I did three thin coats with top coat. Since it's a jelly it's still a tad translucent but definitely build-able and the formula is great. 

Seriously, look how squishy and amazing!

You Fashizzle My Nizzle: A gorgeous pink jelly polish loaded with blue, green and purple glitters. How hilarious is the name of this polish? I loved this one as well! The formula is super smooth and really build-able. I did three thin coats with top coat. 

As of now Fickle Fairy Potions is only available to ship within the US but Tonya is open to discussing international shipping if you contact her. You can follow her on Instagram, on Facebook and on Twitter.

I can definitely see myself wearing all of these a lot! I loved them all so much. Hope you guys liked them too! Which one is your favorite?
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