Polish TBH

Hello friends! Today I'm going to share with you three of the six polishes from Polish TBH's new Meraki collection. These polishes were perfection. The colors are freaking amazing and the formula was great. I have tried several Polish TBH polishes and they are all incredible! 

Tekhnê-Tekhnê the goddess spirit of art. This is a neon orange crelly with a purple, yellow, orange and brown glitter mix. It is also blacklight/UV reflective. I do not own either type of light or else I would have a cool glowy photo for you guys. I absolutely adore this polish!  It's gonna be perfect for summer time!

Eros- Eros known as the mischievous god of love, minion and companion to Aphrodite. This polish is a creamy purple with red micro shimmer and gold glitter. 

Pyskhe-Psykhe known as the goddess of the soul. This is a blue jelly with silver glitter and a micro purple shimmer. Amazing!

Polish TBH is a US indie polish brand. They have currently halted shipping internationally due to problems during shipping. You can purchase their products through their website PolishTBH.com . Make sure you follow PolishTBH on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Hope you guys enjoyed these swatches! Have a wonderful week!

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