Happy Sunday! Today I have some amazing polishes from BellsKandi. These are the first polishes of Natalie's that I have tried and she was so sweet to send me 7 polishes to swatch and review.

AthenaIts a shimmery nude color with different white glitters and a touch of color with scattered pink micro glitters.* The formula on this one was good. There are a few pigment chunks that didn't mix terribly well, but it smooths out with top coat. I did three coats with top coat. 

Shattered Mermaid Pearls: It is an ocean green to nude thermal packed with shredded white glitter and silver-blue shimmer.* The formula on this on was nice and smooth. It is a nude when warm and ocean green when cold. I did three thin coats with top coat. 

WisteriaWisteria is a tri-thermal that changes from dark purple to blue to lilac. Its pack with violet and gold shimmer and gold holo.* This one is really pretty! I did three thin coats with top coat. 

STARkSTARk is a subtle thermal that changes from maroon to gold.* The formula was great and the color is so pretty. I did two coats with top coat. Isn't this gorgeous! It reminds me of fire. Like something Katniss would have worn haha!

MedusaMedusa is a dark pink to green thermal. Its has pink flakes, green shimmer and a touch of gold.* The formula was good but had some small pigment chunks that didn't mix. Natalie is completely aware of the unmixed pigment and it won't be a problem at all. I did three thin coats with top coat. 

Hottie TottiePurple jelly base packed with rainbow and gold glitters.* This one is packed with glitter! It was a tad goopy (as some mini bottles can be) but was completely fine when I added some thinner. I did two coats with top coat. I love the glitters in this one! Its so pretty. 

Yes Master!: A blue jelly glitter bomb.* I had to use some thinner with this one as well but it was great after that. Such a gorgeous mix of glitters! It reminds me of a mermaid. I did two coats with top coat. 

Hope you guys liked these! Make sure to check out BellsKandi shop and follow Natalie on Instagram. @bellskandi Thanks for sharing these with me Natalie! They are beautiful!
*description taken from BellsKandi website

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