Pueen Nail Wraps

Hi all! Today I have some lovely nail wraps from Pueen Cosmetics to share with you. I was chosen  by them on Instagram to review three of their new nail wrap designs. I am not terribly familiar with nail wraps, I think I've only used them once before, but in my opinion these are great! Nail wraps are great for girls who are beginners or who feel like they don't have enough skill to pull of complicated designs. They are also great for a quick, great looking manicure when you don't have time for a detailed design. These are all super cute and easy to use. 

All you have to do is:
1. Find the sticker that will fit each individual nail
2. Carefully peel the decal off the sheet
3. Beginning at your cuticle line stick the decal onto your nail
4. File off the excess slowly and carefully without filing your actual nail.
Topcoat is optional with these but it may make them last longer.
Some trimming may be required but I did not have to for any of these. It just all depends on the shape of your nail.

The first design they sent me had cute pastel polka dots with shimmery silver cats, branches and leaves. My nails are pretty short so I had to cut some of the designs short. These are cute just over your natural nail or with a color underneath.

The second design is black with silver and pink writing and hearts.  These would be so cute for valentines day or an anniversary. I really like these a lot. 

The last design is silver rhinestone dots with pretty pink, blue, purple and gold flowers. These felt so tropical and reminded me of Hawaii. These would be cute to wear on vacation and would last longer than regular polish.

These designs will be available starting March 31st and can be purchased from Pueen's storenvy. They also sell other nail art supplies like water decals and stamping plates. Which one is your favorite? 
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