Supernatural Lacquer

Hey guys! Today I have six new polishes from Supernatural Lacquer. Some of these are from different collections, one is a polish that benefits autism awareness and some stand alone. I absolutely love them all! 

From "The Devil You Know" collection:

Yellow Eyed Demon:  A bright neon yellow crelly packed with three different sized black hexes and a light pearlescent yellow finish. I usually HATE pearlescent finishes but this one is fabulous! It also glows bright under a black light. I think it's the color that makes it so magic. I did four thin coats with top coat. 

Lilith: A shimmery white pearlescent and scattered holo sheer topper. I did two coats over black. It gives any mani a shimmery glow. I love it!

From the "Dean & The Impala Duo"

GED & A Give Em' Hell Attitude:  An army surplus green metallic with a hint of copper shimmer. This one dries with a satin finish and is stunningly sparkly with top coat. I did three coats with top coat. 

Driver Picks the Music, Shotgun Shuts His Cake Hole: A deep black jelly with an assortment of silver, gunmetal and holographic glitters. I adore this polish! There is something amazing about black polish and this one is so great! I did three thin coats with top coat. 

Endless Possibilities: A blue crelly base with a pearlescent shimmer filled with red, yellow, teal, blue, mini squares with black and white micro hexes. 50% of proceeds from this polish will be donated to the Autism Services Center of Huntington, WV a nonprofit organization serving local individuals with developmental disabilities. I did three coats with top coat. This one is so pretty and also glows under a black light. 

Atropos: A very feminine rosy gold metallic with hints of a fiery red to green and gold shimmer. This one is so gorgeous! I did three coats with top coat.

Supernatural Lacquer is an indie polish brand from Southern Ohio that produces custom, hand blended, Big-3-Free mixes. Hope you guys like these! Stephanie plans to do a restock in April. Follow @supernatural_lacquer on Instagram for updates. 

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